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keeping africa gm free
In the African region, Friends of the Earth International’s campaign against genetically modified organisms is built around biosafety policy issues.
keeping europe gm free
Friends of the Earth's work to keep Europe free of genetically modified organisms saw many successes.
haiti: strengthening food sovereignty
The threats posed by genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not very well known in Haiti — or at least no one there speaks much about them.
uruguay: local seed recovery
Since 2004, REDES/Friends of the Earth Uruguay, the Association of Organic Producers of Uruguay, and the South Regional Center of the School of Agronomy of the University of the Republic have been carrying out a program of "Recovery and Revaluation of Creole Seed Varieties and Food Sovereignty".
uruguay: victory as new crops suspended
As a result of campaigning by REDES/Friends of the Earth Uruguay, the Latin American Network on Pesticides and Alternatives, and the Organic Producers Association, the Uruguayan Government approved a decree to suspend the evaluation and approval of new genetically-modified crops in February 2007.
africa: monitoring the introduction of gmos
African governments are under major pressure to introduce GMOs from multinational corporations, which argue (despite lacking evidence) this will improve food security.
ghana and togo: tackling the gmo threat
The influx of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the West Africa subregion poses a grave and growing threat.
foe france celebrates gm maize ban victory
In 2007, against all expectations, campaigners in France managed to compel their government to ban the only genetically-modified maize grown in the country.
georgia: victory as schools say “no” to gmos
The Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth Georgia is pleased to announce that schools in many regions across Georgia have been declared free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
spain: victory as balearic islands declared gmo free
In an important victory in the battle against genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the Balearic Islands, approved a non-legislative proposal declaring the islands a "GMO-free zone" in October 2007.
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