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You are here: Home / What we do / resisting gmos / learn more / Food Sovereignty, Agriculture and Free Trade

Food Sovereignty, Agriculture and Free Trade

A position paper.

Everyone on Earth needs food and water just to survive. Agriculture is therefore critical for all people. Friends of the Earth believes food sovereignty is essential if we are to reduce global hunger and promote sustainable systems of agriculture.


Food sovereignty is the right of communities, peoples and countries to determine their own agricultural and food policies, including the protection and regulation of domestic agricultural production and trade in order to meet food security and sustainability objectives.


By promoting a mixture of liberalisation and regulation WTO rules prevent global food sovereignty.


WTO rules are systematically undermining subsistence farming and the livelihoods of small farmers around the world. They have led to the establishment of intellectual property rights systems that permit transnational corporations to expropriate farmers’ knowledge of food production techniques and basic resources such as seeds.


WTO rules also discourage sustainable agriculture and the production of safe and healthy food.

trade and people's food sovereignty
foei position paper (april 2003): read as pdf


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