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Oct 17, 2013

Take action for the second Global Frackdown!

by Denis Burke — last modified Oct 17, 2013 12:25 PM
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On October 19 2013, people around the world will gather to make their voices heard in unanimous rejection of fracking. The second annual Global Frackdown is an opportunity for people to learn and share their knowledge about hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and let policy makers know that the tide has turned: Fracking will not be tolerated.


A number of significant victories have been scored against the practice of fracking since the last Global Frackdown. Even in the last few weeks, France's highest legal body upheld a ban on fracking and European Union lawmakers voted to force energy companies to carry out in-depth environmental audits prior to any procedure involving fracking. Bulgaria also banned fracking and moratoriums are in place in Ireland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. Opposition to fracking is also growing in Africa and the Americas. But there is still a long way to go and much, much more work to do. Join us!



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Global month of action on energy

by admin — last modified Oct 17, 2013 05:47 PM

October 11 marks the beginning of a month of worldwide public protest and action to say no to dirty energy, and to support clean, renewable alternatives.


Clean, community-owned energy already exists and is a real solution to climate change. But it needs more momentum and political support. We'll be telling our decision-makers to put people at the heart of a clean energy future.


If you want to find an action near you or to start your own, this toolkit has been created to help you.


Recent reports from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the International Energy Agency demonstrate the need for a revolution in how societies generate their power and that almost two thirds of known reserves of fossil fuels must remain underground if we wish to prevent catastrophic climate change.


This month gives people the opportunity to protest against the dirty energy of the past and to demand a clean energy future in the run up to the vital UN Climate Change Conference which begins in Warsaw on November 11th.


People can add any energy activity they are planning to the global map of actions. Each action, large or small, will contribute to strengthening the global movement for a world free of dirty energy projects, and for real community energy solutions.


The month of action is divided into the following theme weeks:

  • 11 October: annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank, we will call on these institutions to stop public subsidies for fossil fuel projects.
  • 19 October: Global Frackdown – global action day against hydraulic fracturing, one of the most extreme forms of fossil fuel extraction.
  • 20-27 October: People vs Coal – the dirtiest and most polluting industry is befriending governments to directly influence public decisions.
  • 28 October - 3 November: Shell, clean up your mess! Shell has failed to clean up decades of pollution in the Niger Delta, we need to stand with the most affected communities
  • 4-11 November: Community Power – communities across the world are building democratic renewable alternatives.

Friends of the Earth International is part of a worldwide initiative to help organise this month of action along with Greenpeace International,, Push Europe, La Via Campesina, Action Aid International and many more groups.