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people need biodiversity

The planet's biodiversity is disappearing fast: an estimated one third of total global species have been lost in the past three decades.
People's livelihoods are also at risk: farmers, small-scale fisherfolk, communities, and Indigenous Peoples face rapid economic, social and cultural impoverishment as their natural resources are depleted. Biodiversity loss is fueled by corporate-led globalization, which promotes large-scale, exportoriented agro-industry, unsustainable commercial logging companies, fish farms and factories, and huge mining operations.

save the seeds!

Friends of the Earth campaigns against biopiracy and the patenting of seeds and other life forms, and for the rights of farmers and Indigenous Peoples' to save their own seeds. We believe that the rights of people to control their own resources and food sovereignty must be respected in order to halt the loss of the world's natural wealth.


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