Jun 19, 2008

The People of Nigeria versus Shell

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For many years oil leakages have created vast environmental and heath problems in the Niger Delta in Nigeria. Oil companies such as Shell, amongst others, are responsible for this.

ikot ada udo - big - kadir

Destroyed land in Ikot Ada Udo. Photo: Kadir van Lohuizen/NOOR


Oil contamination in the Niger delta, Nigeria


goi - brian shaad

Burnt mangrove forest in Goi. Photo: Brian Shaad


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allali-kadirAlali Efanga - GoiAlali Efanga from Oruma

I inherited the fisheries from my father. Due to the oil leakage I have lost my only means of income. We are now living hand to mouth. I sometimes go off into the jungle or find an odd job at a company for 500 Naira (three euro) per day."

Foto: Kadir van Lohuizen/Noor

Nigerians file a lawsuit against Shell

oruma - brian shaad

Polluted land in Oruma. Foto: Brian Shaad

Four Nigerians and Friends of the Earth Netherlands/Nigeria are holding Shell headquarters in the Netherlands liable for the massive damage of three oil spills in the Niger Delta. On the 9th of May 2008 Shell was urged to clarify its role in the spills within three weeks and present 70 documents. The company asked for and was admitted a delay of three weeks. After this delay and some holidays, the plaintiffs will take a definite decision on whether to start the court case.

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chief barizaa - kadir

Chief Barizaa Dooh from Goi

My whole land: my fisheries, my canoes, my vegetable gardens and the orchards, which I had planted, have all been destroyed by the oil leakage through fire. I have nothing left. I hoop that the judge in the Netherlands can obligate Shell to do the right thing. That is my hope.


Foto: Kadier van Lohuizen/Noor


ikot ada udo - kadir

Oil installation in Ikot Ada Udo. Photo: Kadir van Lohuizen/NOOR

Rules for companies are necessary

Mileudefensie finds that the Dutch government should impose for binding rules in the European Union for companies, which operate internationally. Make it less difficult for victims, such as the villagers in the Nigerdelta, to come up for their rights in the European union if companies don’t abide the rules.

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friday alfred akpan - Ikot ada udoFriday Alfred Akpan - Ikot Ada UdoFriday Akpan from Ikot Ada Udo

Shell always come to stop the leakage’s. They then leave without cleaning up the pollution/contamination, recuperating the area or financially compensating the damages done. The residents of Ikot Ada Udo are angry, very angry.

Foto: Kadir van Lohuizen/Noor