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You are here: Home / What we do / resisting mining, oil and gas
Resisting mining, oil and gas Oil, gas and minerals are widely used in manufacturing, but large-scale mines, drilling platforms and pipelines cause environmental disasters, intensify social conflicts, and are often associated with severe human rights violations. Extensive land, air and water pollution also threatens people’s livelihoods and health. FoEI supports communities resisting mining, oil and gas extraction projects. We are calling on the world’s governments to stop subsidising extractive projects, and redirect their support towards sustainable and equitable economic alternatives.


Drilling platforms, pipelines and large-scale mines cause environmental disasters, intensify social conflicts and are often associated with severe human right violations. Through the large-scale pollution of land, air and water, people lose their livelihoods and develop health problems.


We work at local, national and international levels to support communities in their struggle against these problems. We advocate an end to subsidies from publicly-funded institutions to oil, gas and mining projects. And we challenge the world's governments to redirect their support towards economic alternatives that could take us towards equitable and sustainable societies.


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Mining Argentina HRD
Resisting mining in Argentina
in focus
Communities have mobilized in opposition to prevailing mining models in Argentina this year. However, these demonstrations have often been suppressed by police force. On several occasions activists have been beaten, abused and detained by the police with the approval of provincial and national authorities.
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