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Friends of the Earth member groups from around the world will be in Cancun showing their opposition to the WTO’s free trade agenda. These groups are independent members of the Friends of the Earth Network. FoE groups in Cancun will be involved in a diverse range of actions from protests to lobbying and conferences. A key part of their work will be linking up with other social movements to create sustainable alternatives to corporate globalization.

Friends of the Earth member groups attending Cancun are:


George Bright Ghana foe ghana  
Bobby Peek South Africa groundwork
Mensah Todzro Togo foe togo  


Damian Sullivan Australia foe australia
Adi Nugroho Indonesia walhi
Tokiharu Okasaki Japan foe japan
Meena Raman Malaysia sahabat alam malaysia
Mobideen Abdul Kader Malaysia sahabat alam malaysia
Kim Choony South Korea kfem
Park, Jin Sup South Korea kfem


Hugo Felipe Idarrag Colombia censat agua viva /
Ambika Chawla Costa Rica coecoceiba  
Isaac Rojas Costa Rica coecoceiba  
Manuel Lopez Costa Rica coecoceiba  
Ana Maria Vasquez El Salvador cesta
Jose Acosta El Salvador cesta
Alayda Lainez Honduras movimiento madre tierra  
Bianca Mangas Nicaragua centro humboldt
Julio Sanchez Nicaragua centro humboldt
Alberto Villareal Uruguay redes
Carmen Amendola Uruguay redes
Damian Osta Uruguay redes
David Waskow USA foe usa


Alexandra Wandel Belgium foe europe
Eve Mitchell United Kingdom foe ewni
Peep Mardiste Estonia estonian green movement
Frederic Thoma Luxembourg foe europe
Daniel Mittler Germany bund
Maja Goepel Germany bund
Marc Engelhardt Germany bund
Ankin Ljungman Sweden foe sweden www.mjv.sw
Anne van Schaik Netherlands milieudefensie www.milieudefensie.n l
Meike Skolnik Netherlands milieudefensie
Bard Lahn Norway foe norway youth
Gina Østmoe Norway foe norway youth
Helene Bank Norway foe norway
Miriam Behrens Switzerland pro natura


Tamar Kienan foe middle east

FoE International

Ricardo Navarro El Salvador foei chair
Ronnie Hall United Kingdom campaign coordinator
Raul Benet Mexico contact  
Simone Lovera Netherlands campaign coordinator biodiversity



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