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more news

Tell the FAO to develop a less damaging definition of 'forests'
The FAO's (The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization) current definition actually promotes deforestation. Any area covered by trees could be counted as a forest under the FAO's current definition. But forests are complex ecosystems; the structural, functional and biological diversity of non-tree elements that make up a forest are not taken into consideration. The cultural importance of the interaction between forests and communities is overlooked. Alarmingly, the inclusion of monoculture tree plantations in the definition misleadingly gives the impression that global deforestation is not the problem it once was. You really may as well call a swimming pool a lake.
Under Pressure: How our material consumption threatens the planet’s water resources
A new report by Friends of the Earth Europe shows that European consumption is threatening the world's water supply.
Colombia: Demonstrations mark International Day Against Dams
On Wednesday March 16, civil society organisations in Colombia took to the streets of the capital Bogota, to mark the International Day of Action Against Dams and for the defence of rivers, water and life. They were joined by other like-minded organisations from the continent and beyond.
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