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Honduras: communities demanding real agrarian reforms

Friends of the Earth Honduras/Madre Tierra Mother Earth furthers the movement originally initiated by the community leaders of COHAPAZ (the Honduran Committee for Action for Peace), with a particular focus on social and environmental justice.
Honduras: communities demanding real agrarian reformsAction in Honduras demanding agrarian reform.It focuses on the grassroots perspective, supporting rural communities affected by mining and quarrying activities (as in the case of the Valle de Siria, where communities were supported with medical brigades and the production of video testimonies), and peasant communities affected by agribusiness (as in the case of peasant communities in the department of La Paz and in Aguan). A key challenge is ensuring that communities’ voices and concerns are heard loudly and clearly, both nationally, and at the Central and Latin American levels.


The threat of biofuels, the seizure of Honduran agriculture by large multinationals, and the goal of food sovereignty have been central themes in training workshops. Friends of the Earth Honduras is also a member of the multi-organisation agrarian platform coordinated by the Partnership for Agrarian Reform and Food Sovereignty (SARA), participating in the ‘Vamos al Grano’ (Come to the Point) campaign. Under the banner ‘Vamos al Grano’, there have been workshops, marches, demonstrations, and sit-ins, focused on promoting real institutional reform, and alerting people to the issue of climate change and its impacts on people and small-scale agriculture.


This collaborative campaign is particularly aimed at persuading Congress to adopt a new ‘Law on Comprehensive Agrarian Reform and the Transformation of the Ownership of Natural Resources and Environmental Management’. This aims to promote agriculture that is fairer and more equitable, encouraging the role of smallholders as a means of reducing food insecurity and rural poverty in Honduras. The campaign is also calling on the Honduran government to prioritize means of reducing the negative impacts of climate change on small-scale agriculture.

Another important regional project focuses on the ‘Promotion and Preservation of Common Heritage Resources’. This aims to promote the active participation of citizens and communities (especially farmers) in the defence and rescue of biological diversity and cultural development in Central America, focusing on the interaction between climate change, food sovereignty and biodiversity; organic farming; communities’ rights; and the recovery of native seeds, with the ultimate goal of creating a seed bank. Honduran communities benefiting from this project are the communities of Santa Ana, Santa Elena and Guajiquiro, in the Department of La Paz.


Since the coup d’etat of June 2009, Friends of the Earth Honduras has joined the demonstrations and mobilisations of the Honduran resistance under the principles of nonviolence, in order to struggle for peace, social and climate justice, and respect for the human rights of the Honduran people and the peoples of Latin America.


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