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Spain: 'as corcerizas', utopia brought to life

The Environmental Education Centre of ‘As Corcerizas’ has been created by Friends of the Earth Spain over the course of eight years.
Spain: 'as corcerizas', utopia brought to lifeAS CorcerizasIt reflects the constructive character of Friends of the Earth Spain, and represents a fundamental resource for developing the association’s policies, demonstrating that real alternatives are possible, and that people can see them in action.



The principle of consistency makes all the difference. The key is that the venue is itself an educational resource forming a single coherent project, which has more impact on people. It creates a memorable educational experience.


‘As Corcerizas’ is also an example of sustainable energy management, based on energy efficiency, rational energy use and self-sufficiency, using clean renewable energy sources. There is also a focus on small-scale production from solar, wind, hydro and biomass.


The venue consists of two new buildings, the dining room and the classroom, which have been constructed according to bio-climatic architectural models, using bioconstruction criteria and materials. A hostel with 40 places has also been renovated along the same lines.

In the centre all the meals are prepared, as far as possible, with food from local organic farming and fair trade. This also serves as an example of just how feasible this approach really is, and promotes the development of small farms in the area. Again, real experiences are the best way of sensitising people to these issues and raising awareness of the need to change our eating habits, for the good of our health, our environment and the prosperity of rural Galicia.


In conclusion, ‘As Corcerizas’ is a pioneering environmental education centre in Galicia, designed in accordance with the principle of consistency, and with a view to sustainability in its planning, construction, management and use.


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