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Uruguay: cultivating native seedbeds

Friends of the Earth Uruguay/REDES is part of an alliance that has been built up to recover and defend native seeds, together with the Association of Organic Farmers of Uruguay (APODU) and the Southern Regional Centre (CRS) of the Agronomy School at the University of the Republic.

ATALC school of sustainability, Brazil 2010ATALC school of sustainability, Brazil 2010.

In the first year, 20-30 producers participated and began to collaborate in the production and exchange of local seeds, increasing the volumes of seeds for certain crops that are important for organic production. This became an in situ collective for the conservation of native seeds called the Native Seeds Network, which promotes the exchange of seeds and associated traditional knowledge.


In 2010, after several years of development, nearly 120 producers participate. Thanks to this work, onion, garlic, potato, sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, strawberry, oats, wheat, corn, tomato, pepper, beans and sunflower seeds have been produced. In addition, there have been assessments of different kinds of onion, garlic, strawberry, sweet potato, tomato, wheat and potato. Over 30 varieties, most of them produced in an ecological way, have been distributed to farmers so they can use them in their fields.


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