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Let us celebrate life!

Four wonderful decades at Friends of the Earth International by Juan Almendares, Friends of the Earth Honduras.

Friends of the Earth International (FOEI) is one of the most wonderful social entities that we have been privileged to feel, touch, see, sense, and represent.


As members of the Mother Earth Movement we have felt part of this cooperative effort, where being a colleague bears duties of commitment as well as the deeper meanings of human and planetary friendship.


Even though I am one of the simplest and most ordinary individuals on this earth, I understand that we must be committed to preserving both natural and human diversity. This means respecting the right to life of each and every being on the planet.


Accepting the necessity of joining and merging with this living unity is a simple conclusion, yet it holds an incredible truth that will render us free and sovereign. This unity with nature has to be based on dignity and respect for humanity's right of self-determination.


The operations of modern capitalism, built on the destructive and unsustainable processes which have taken place historically, are threatening life on Earth as we have come to know it. Spiritual, material, and cultural unity will help us to defend the world from these dangers.


Friends of the Earth is based on an historic universal vision. It also takes into account indigenous peoples' experiential wisdom as well as the situations of peasants and workers, while keeping in mind the importance of scientific and technological innovations. Most of all, it emphasizes discoveries based on an ethics of liberation, and responsible scientific practices that don't favour war and the violation of human rights.


Formulating new ideas leads to enhanced organizational strength and creativity, which is invaluable in facing up to capitalism and standing against the predator mentality associated with it.


The mission of confronting capitalism requires us to work closely with the victims and communities that have seen their food sovereignty and basic rights violated by war, mining, deforestation, biotechnology and GM crops, nanotechnology, and agrofuels (metaphorically termed “ogrefuels” by peasant women).


We have learned that is essential to respect sexual diversity and gender equality. At the same time, we must demonstrate against authoritarian, hierarchical, and sexist practices that are entrenched through racist, discriminatory, and exclusive policies. These policies represent an economy and way of life built on social and climatic injustice.


Friends of the Earth International upholds a school of thought which supports the lives and dignity of all beings on Earth. It cultivates a mixture of experiences that have created the “Schools for Sustainability,” where people's wisdom and everyday fights are shared in order to further educational and transformational processes.


On “Mother Earth” we have called the school “ECOVIDACOMPA”. Its philosophy is to  expand our understanding of ecological, political, and social responsibility. The final aim is the defence of all beings on Earth that grow, interact, and transform this planet. We must be a friend to all beings.


ECOVIDACOMPA is a school where authoritarian and sexist behaviors don't exist; a community where everyone learns from each other.


Friends of the Earth International's greatest challenge lies in managing the work, organization, and mobilization necessary for the transformation of local, regional, national, and international realities.


“Transformation” indicates a qualitative shift whereby the individual becomes a collective, personal, and social unit all in one. Transformation doesn't occur from the outside, but as a result of the link between our inner conscience and our external existence, reflected in both nature and society.


We won't be able to contribute to this transformation without also transforming ourselves in the process. Only in this way can we generate the social and historic changes that will lead to a new human society based on the principles of love and solidarity.


We celebrate four wonderful decades of Friends of the Earth. Let us celebrate life!


Let us celebrate people's historical struggle against suffering, with joy for the heroic fight to safeguard life and to construct an egalitarian world without gender and social discrimination. Let us fight for the dream in which the form of capitalism which makes life on Earth unsustainable is transformed.


Tegucigalpa, June 16th 2011

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