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Criteria for membership

As a federation of grassroots environmental groups, FoEI is not able to accept individuals as members. The criteria below refer to those groups who are members of the FoEI network.

A member of FoEI should meet the following criteria:

  • FoE groups are aligned with FoEI's vision (of both the federation and the world), core values and mission;
  • FoE groups are independent from political parties, economic interests, state and religious organizations;
  • FoE groups work on multiple environmental issues and incorporate a justice perspective;
  • FoE groups have participatory democracy or other forms of participatory decision-making processes;
  • FoE groups seek gender balance in leadership and representation;
  • FoE groups work effectively on both the national and grassroots levels, and work to strengthen social movements in their local, national and international contexts;
  • FoE groups are transparent and accountable to their constituents;
  • FoE groups adhere to FoEI's fundraising guidelines and rules of engagement with transnational corporations;
  • FoE groups are engaged in the international activities of the federation.

If your group is interested in becoming a member of the Friends of the Earth international network and meets these criteria, and there is not already a FoEI member group in your country, please contact us for a membership application form.

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