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focus on groups

Colombia: Focus on CENSAT Agua Viva

Introducing Danilo Urrea, Friends of the Earth Colombia.

Colombia: Focus on CENSAT Agua Viva - Read More…

FoE Mozambique/Justiçia Ambiental!

'Justiça Ambiental’ (JA!) means environmental justice, while ‘JA’ means ‘now’, in Portuguese. JA! was formally registered in 2004, but founded in the late 1990s by a group of friends who were concerned about the manner in which Mozambique was developing in the unregulated global economy. In particular, we were concerned that our leaders were uncritically adopting a pattern of destructive foreign-investment-driven industrial development.

FoE Mozambique/Justiçia Ambiental! - Read More…

FoE Indonesia / WALHI

June 2013 - Tumpak Winmark Hutabarat, media officer with Friends of the Earth Indonesia, tells us about the organisation and his role there. WALHI is an independent non-profit and the largest environmental organisation in Indonesia. We are present in 28 provinces with a total of 479 member organisations who actively campaign at the local, national and international levels. At the international level, WALHI campaigns through Friends of the Earth International.

FoE Indonesia / WALHI - Read More…

Focus on Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels) - Voluntary simplicity in the public space

Friends of the Earth-Belgium (Wallonia-Brussels) has been an active "popular education" movement since 1976. Our goal is to help people change their way of life to transform society and bring about a sustainable and equal world.

Focus on Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels) - Voluntary simplicity in the public space - Read More…

Focus on Groups: Colombia

CENSAT Agua Viva - Friends of the Earth Colombia has been working to tackle environmental conflicts in the country for the past 25 years. The organization's general coordinator, Tatiana Roa, focuses on the direct relation they have built throughout the years with communities and grassroots organizations in the country, mainly indigenous, African descendant and peasant groups affected by the extractivist development model and the commodification of life.

Focus on Groups: Colombia - Read More…

Focus on Georgia - Power to the people in Georgia

David Heller, from Friends of the Earth Europe, recently visited Manavi in Georgia. He met with Friends of the Earth Georgia to discuss their ongoing work to bring communtiy-centred solutions to energy production within the country

Focus on Georgia - Power to the people in Georgia - Read More…

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