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Blue Planet

Blue Planet Project The Council of Canadians

Contact Blue Planet Project The Council of Canadians:

c/o The Council of Canadians
700 - 170 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON K1P 5V5



phone: +1 613 233-2773
toll-free: +1-800-387-7177
fax: +1 613.233.4487


Founded in 1985, The Council of Canadians is Canada's pre-eminent citizens' watchdog organization, comprised of over 100,000 members and more than 70 Chapters across the country.

Strictly non-partisan, the Council lobbies Members of Parliament, conducts research, and runs national campaigns aimed at putting some of the country's most important issues into the spotlight: safeguarding our social programs, promoting economic justice, renewing our democracy, asserting Canadian sovereignty, advancing alternatives to corporate-style free trade, and preserving our environment.

The Council does not accept money from corporations or governments, and is sustained entirely by the volunteer energy and financial assistance of its members.


Our work at this political moment has three goals:

  1. To help Canadians define ourselves and our understanding of sovereignty and democracy in relation to the rest of the world in an era of increased U.S-Canada tensions and increased pressure for deeper continental integration.
  2. To work with Canadians and people around the world to reclaim the global and local commons which are the shared heritage of humanity and of the earth.
  3. To create a compelling civil society movement in search of social justice both here in Canada and internationally whose core mandate is the creation of participatory , living democracy for all the peoples of the world.


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