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Peace Boat

Peace Boat


Contact Peace Boat:


2F, 3-14-3 Takadanobaba
Tokyo 169-0075


phone: +81 3 33638047
fax: +81 3 33637562



The Peaceboat is a Japan-based organization seeking to establish a global network among people, grassroots movements and NGOs working on issues such as peace, human rights development and the environment. In the past 15 years it has chartered passenger ships to make 25 voyages and taken over 10,000 people to more than 80 ports.


Through personal exchange and co-operation with people in other countries, particularly in areas of conflict and former conflict, it works to increase mutual understanding and bridge the gap between peoples, countries and cultures. By inviting guests from all over the world to join the voyage and participate in conferences on board it offers a global perspective on events and issues.






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