ATPNE / Friends of the Earth Tunisia

ATPNE was founded in 1971 and joined FoEI in 1995. With 20 local groups, ATPNE is an important environmental defender in Tunisia. It also maintains a high profile outside the country for its work as the representative of Northern African NGOs in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


ATPNE's campaigns focus on agriculture, biodiversity, forests, animal protection and pollution, and they recently launched an awareness campaign. The organization works by carrying out field projects with local people (especially rural women), performing studies, giving advice, and participating in seminars and other events. ATPNE also lobbies the government for improved environmental legislation.


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Mohamed Ali Abrougui
12 Rue Tantaoui
El Jawhari
El Omrane
Tunis 1005


phone: +216 71 959 081
fax: +216 71 320 295


Ayachi Abrougui: ayachia@atpne.org