Les Amis de la Terre France / Friends of the Earth France

Friends of the Earth France is a non-profit environmental and human rights network, independent from any religious or political influence. Created in 1970,  FoE France helped build the French ecological movement and helped found the world's largest grassroots environmental network,  Friends of the Earth International. Friends of the Earth France forms a local network composed of 30 autonomous local groups that act according to their own priorities and support the national and international campaigns with a shared vision for social and environmental justice.


The organization is part of various civil society movements and allies, including ATTAC France, La Via Campesina France, Bankwatch, and Climate Action Network France. Together,  they share a common vision about sustainable societies.


Its latest activities and funder information can be found in the 2010 Annual report:


Friends of the Earth France publishes a quarterly magazine, La Baleine, which informs its members about  current campaigns and  the network’s news.


FoE France works towards the advent of truly sustainable societies in the North as well as in the South. Committed to  resisting environmental damage, they mobilise, promote public participation and take action through campaigns and struggles, at all levels.


The main activities of Friends of the Earth France are currently focused on:

  • Transition and ecology

  • Agriculture and food

  • Economic justice

  • Energy and resources

  • Risks and technology


Being linked with the Friends of the Earth International network provides Friends of the Earth France with an invaluable local, national and international approach for peaceful mobilisation. This dynamic is essential in order to overcome the lack of responsiveness and capacity of governments and economic leaders.

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