Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland / Friends of the Earth Germany

Friends of the Earth Germany is a non-profit, non-partisan, and non-religious grassroots organization with more than 480,000 members and supporters.


Friends of the Earth Germany’s origins lie in the nature conservation and anti-nuclear protest movements of the 1970s, with some local branches dating back to 1913. Officially founded in 1975 as a federation for existing regional groups, members work voluntarily in local and district groups to protect and conserve nature. Together they plant hedges, create ponds, take care of protected areas and fight for the preservation of valuable natural areas. In this way, the landscape becomes visibly more varied, diversified and colorful.


Campaigning priorities are sustainable transport, fighting nuclear power, improving nature protection laws, and greening the German tax system.


Friends of the Earth Germany’s focus is on envisioning a sustainable political approach, ensuring the right to an equitable existence for both our children and people living in the global south. They work effectively on the enormous challenges of environmental policy. Friends of the Earth Germany is committed to fostering the use of renewable energies, to ban the production of Genetically Modified Organisms, and reducing the amount of toxic chemicals in everyday life, always providing alternative solutions.


Trade associations and big corporations invest millions in lobbying in Brussels and Berlin to block the improvement of health protection and the switch to renewables. Friends of the Earth Germany works with partners in the Friends of the Earth network at national and international level, to respond to political developments. In Brussels, they organize demonstrations in front of the European parliament or initiate public debates on environmental issues and hold informal talks with delegates at international climate change conferences. In Germany, they run a ‘Phase-out nuclear energy yourself’ campaign.


Currently the main campaign focus areas are climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity.


Friends of the Earth Germany – a citizens’ movement


Organized into 2,200 local groups and initiatives, committed and skilled people take action against the destruction of nature and the environment.


Local groups develop the expansion of bicycle paths, they advise citizens on environmental topics, and contribute to shaping and conceiving future Agenda 21 strategies on the municipal level.


Friends of the Earth Germany initiates campaigns that advocate the transition towards renewable energy, public transport and waste prevention, training on nature and environmental protection.


Local groups organize ecological fairs, swap shops to encourage recycling and reuse of second-hand goods, repair days, action days on organic farming, events to promote local economy, expeditions into the wild, guided nature tours, educational journeys and tree planting activities.


Friends of the Earth Germany also has its own youth branch, BUNDjugend, which is youth-led and made up of young people up to the age of 25, who carry out projects and campaigns.


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