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Pro Natura / Friends of the Earth Switzerland

Friends of the Earth Switzerland dates back to 1909 and is the largest organization for nature conservation in Switzerland. They form a federation of 23 branches in all  districts of the country. Friends of the Earth Switzerland welcomes everybody wishing to contribute to positive action on conservation issues in Switzerland. The organization has over 100,000 members, while another 30,000 donors regularly support its activities.


The head office in Basel and the regional offices employ around 120 staff.


What we do


Advocacy work

Friends of the Earth Switzerland stands for sustainable policies in all nature-related fields. It is part of a pressure and lobbying group, working  with other national and international environmental organizations, to take legal action when necessary to protect nature's rights.


Conservation activities

Friends of the Earth Switzerland was founded to support the creation of the first Swiss National Park in 1914 and has since  helped to establish half of all protected areas in Switzerland. They are involved in over 600 nature reserves all over the country. Friends of the Earth Switzerland also develops, and implements, conservation projects for various species and habitats



Friends of the Earth Switzerland designs special school programmes  on the environment involving thousands of children and teachers every year. They have visitors’ centres in Aletsch in the Alps, and Champ-Pittet  close to the Lake of Neuchatel, the  largest wetland of Switzerland. These centres offer specialised activities for schools and youth groups, and also information facilities for all kinds of visitors



Friends of the Earth Switzerland communicates the wonders of nature and the need to conserve it. Pro Natura Magazine is published five times a year and distributed for free to all members. They also carry out media work and produce a variety of publications that contribute to the organisation’s campaigning work.


In addition to being the Swiss member of Friends of the Earth International and actively involved in Friends of the Earth Europe, Friends of the Earth Switzerland is a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and takes part in regional networks such as the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps – (CIPRA).



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