Zelenyi Svit / Friends of the Earth Ukraine

The Ukrainian environmental association "Zelenyi Svit" (Friends of the Earth, Ukraine) is a national non-governmental organisation (NGO), which includes environmental NGOsfrom every region of Ukraine. A number of organisations that deal with specific environmental issues work with it as well. The commissions of the association supervise the work in specific directions.


"Zelenyi Svit", was founded in 1987 and officially registered in 1990, becoming the first real environmental NGO in Ukraine. "Zelenyi Svit" was the first among the NGOs that started to work out the issues of sustainable development. It has initiated the working out of legal and practical aspects of this issue in Ukraine.


"Zelenyi Svit" became a full member of the Friends of the Earth International federation in 1994 and always actively participates in the implementation of programmes and projects of the international and European Friends of the Earth networks. "Zelenyi Svit" organizations are active at the national, regional and the local levels.

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Zelenyi Svit
Moskovska street, 6, room 101
49000 Dnipropetrovsk



phone: +380 56 3709572 (Dnipropetrovsk office)
+380 44 4165218 (Kiev office)
fax: +380 56 2343454 (Dnipropetrovsk office)
+380 44 4174383 or 044 4170283 (Kiev office)

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