Asociación para la Promoción y el Desarrollo de la Comunidad CEIBA / Friends of the Earth Guatemala

CEIBA was founded in 1993, on 3rd May and obtained legal status as a Civil Association in 1995.

  • To improve living conditions for the poor;

  • To favor integral and participative development of peasant and urban communities within the country;

  • To provide technical assistance and support to developing, self-managed and communitarian improvement projects;

  • To promote education, formation and integral capacity building.

The Ceiba tree is sacred for the Maya People of Guatemala. There is a tradition of growing one Ceiba tree in the center of the community. As time goes by, the Ceiba tree grows and under its shadow our people gather to discuss community issues and share news. The Ceiba tree shelters travelers, and friends can talk about their hopes, dreams and worries under its branches.

The Ceiba tree represents what we try to support, the meeting and exchange of ideas within our communities, respect for traditions, integration of nature and our environment.

The overall objective of CEIBA is "To contribute to the reduction of the causes of poverty, promoting local empowerment and implementing innovative actions based on rights and within the framework of comprehensive strategies for promoting sustainable, equitable and inclusive living, implemented through direct political and technical support to leaders and communities at local, regional and national level."

For this purpose, there are four elements to our strategy:

  1. Strengthening local organizations and social empowerment, political, economic and cultural development;
  2. Food sovereignty,
  3. Environment, land and territory and
  4. Strategic Training for Indigenous leaders and technical staff and political institutions.

Also, the strategy has four complementary transverse axes:

  1. Gender equity,
  2. Collective Rights
  3. Communication, and
  4. Advocacy and Research, which contribute substantially to the effective achievement of objectives and results drawn from the analysis and in-depth discussion of the reality of communities and populations prioritized.

Our work consists of stimulating local development actions within the following cities in Guatemala :

  • Huehuetenango, at the north-east at the border with Mexico.

  • The following municipalities: Colotenango, San Pedro Necta, Santiago Chimaltenango, San Juan Atitán, San Gaspar Ixchil, Cuilco, La Democracia, Nentón, San Mateo Ixtatán, Barillas.

  • At Retalhuleu, at the South coast of the country, and at Champerico municipality.

  • At Soloá at the initial coast of the country. At Santa Catarina, Nahuala and Sololá municipalities.


We have 29 paid staff.


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Mario Antonio Godinez López
Kilómetro 56.5 Carretera Interamericana,
Casa 1-265, Aldea Buena Vista
Chimaltenango Guatemala


phone: +502 7839 6033 Headquarters

+502 79345331 Regional Office - Huehuetenango

+502 596 6633. Celular Coord.

fax:+ (502) 7839 1033
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