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Vous êtes ici : Accueil / Blog / Monsanto wins the worst corporate lobbyist award

Monsanto wins the worst corporate lobbyist award

by PhilLee — last modified 15/12/2009 23:30
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The winner of the Angry Mermaid Award 2009, announced by award-winning writer and journalist Naomi Klein at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen today is the biotech giant Monsanto with 37% of the total vote.



The agriculture giant Monsanto was nominated for promoting its genetically modified (GM) crops as a solution to climate change and pushing for its crops to be used as biofuels.


The expansion of GM soy in Latin America is contributing to major deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) of which Monsanto is a member, is helping to promote the company’s cause by allowing GM soy to be labeled as “responsible”. Monsanto also wants GM soy to be funded under the Clean Development Mechanism.


On presenting the award Naomi Klein talked about the influence of the corporate lobbyists in the in UN climate talks.


"In the Bella Center [the conference venue] you don't hear about the real solutions that are being talked about on the streets. They're not on the agenda. There aren't sessions about how to tax the windfall profits of the oil companies. We don't hear about the growing call to keep the tar sands in the land. It's always market based solutions" she said.


Why? "Because the politicians in at the conference are bought and paid for by big business" she concluded as she went on to announce the results.


Those results in full...

The company received 37% of the 10,000 plus votes cast. In second place with 18% was Royal Dutch Shell and in third place with 14%, the American Petroleum Institute.


In the words of the host "a cheer and a boo to you all."

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