April 30, 2010 — The judges have made their choices for the 2010 Friends of the Earth International photo competition on the theme “Acting in Solidarity and Building Movements for Change.” More than 700 photos were received from 46 countries around the world, from both amateur and professional photographers.

The photos were organized into two categories – Acting in Solidarity, and Movements for Change – and were judged both on technical merit and on relevance to the theme of the competition.

For the first time, the photo competition was carried out in collaboration with our allies La Vía Campesina and The Movement of Victims Affected by Climate Change (MOVIACC).

See the winners gallery here

and THE WINNERS are:

Category “Acting in Solidarity”

  • First place (tied): Sreesailam Pasupula, India
  • First place (tied): Arie Basuki, Indonesia
  • Second place: Vardit Goldner, Israel
  • Third place: Abhijit Dey, India
  • Fourth place: Nimai Chandra Ghosh, India
  • Fifth place (tied): Josef Hinterleitner, Austria
  • Fifth place (tied): Martha Isabel Calle, Colombia
  • Sixth place (tied): Arie Basuki, Indonesia
  • Sixth place (tied): Stephen Mudiari, Kenya
  • Seventh place (tied): Isagani Sarsagat, Philippines
  • Seventh place (tied): Pradip Datta, India
  • Eighth place (tied): Asier Reguera, Spain
  • Eighth place (tied): Ramesh Soni, India
  • Ninth place: Raniel Jose Madrazo Castañeda, Philippines
  • Tenth place: Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, Bangladesh


Category “Building Movements for Change”

  • First place: Rudolf Árpád Kozsák, Hungary
  • Second place: Adela Nistora, Romania
  • Third place: Kaido Haagen, Estonia
  • Fourth place (tied): Tatiana Rodriguez, Mexico
  • Fourth place (tied): Gagan Nayar, Mexico
  • Fifth place: Jean Schwarz, Brazil
  • Sixth place: Wissam Nassar, Palestine
  • Seventh place: Alex G. Kamweru, Kenya
  • Eighth place (tied): Gagan Nayar, India
  • Ninth place (tied): Gert Steenssens, Colombia
  • Ninth place (tied): Pradeep Tewari, India
  • Tenth place (tied): Belén Déniz Martín, Spain
  • Tenth place (tied): Nahed Hamdi, USA

A selection of the photos will be printed in our 2011 wall calendar, which you can buy on this website from August.


In addition to representatives of our organizations, our panel of judges included :

Akintunde Akinleye, first-place winner World Press Photo 2007, from Nigeria (www.akintunde1.com).

Bangladeshi photographer G.M.B. Akash, winner of many prestigious global awards and first-place winner of the 2006 Friends of the Earth International photo competition (www.gmb-akash.com).

Peter Menzel, award-winning US photojournalist and author of “Hungry Planet: What The World Eats,” (www.menzelphoto.com).

Award-winning Dutch photojournalist Kadir van Lohuizen, author of Diamond Matters (www.lohuizen.net).

Renaldo Chingore João, International Coordinating Committee of La Via Campesina, from Mozambique.

Luis Romero and Ana Dubon, MOVIACC, from El Salvador.

Nnimmo Bassey, Friends of the Earth International Chair from Nigeria.

Romel de Vera, coordinator of FoEI’s Resisting Oil, Mining and Gas program, from FoE Philippines.

Sarah-Jayne Clifton, FoEI Executive Commitee, from FoE England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Martin Drago, FoEI food sovereignty program coordinator, from FoE Uruguay.

Friends of the Earth members from around the world also participated in the “popular choice” judging to choose the photos that fit best with their vision of a better future.

Visit the gallery of winners to see these choices!

See the winners gallery here