Making steps towards agroecology in rural and urban Finland

Agroecological farming in Finland

Agroecology in Finland is taking great steps thanks to the campaign by Friends of the Earth Finland / Maan Ystävät to promote more sustainable agricultural practices, from the grassroots to the EU level. In their food and agriculture campaigning, the organisation are demanding that the EU Common Agricultural Policy promote and support agroecological practices. For…

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Working with farmers to preserve biodiversity in Switzerland

Une chèvre grignote un buisson

Switzerland’s current intensive agricultural model is unsustainable socially, economically and environmentally. But what are Friends of the Earth and farmers doing to protect biodiversity in Switzerland? Friends of the Earth Switzerland/ Pro Natura supports multifunctional agriculture which produces food but also protects biodiversity and the landscape. To support this vision, Pro Natura works with farmers…

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Indian farmers lead historic struggle for Food Sovereignty, Anti-fascism, Democracy and Human Rights


Friends of the Earth International stands in solidarity with Indian farmers and workers in their continuing protests against the deregulation and corporatisation of agriculture and their fight for food sovereignty, anti-fascism, democracy and human rights. Since August 2020, hundreds of farmers’ organisations across India have been protesting against three new farm laws enacted by the…

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Internationalist solidarity to condemn systematic violence against the Colombian people.

Colombia image

Friends of the Earth International hereby expresses internationalist solidarity with the Colombian people, and demands an end to the systematic violence against social movements, organisations and defenders of peoples’ rights, human rights and territories. We are deeply concerned about, and condemn, the different types of violence and selective assassinations that have turned this South American…

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Feminist frontlines: responses to COVID-19 and the care crisis.

Fighting for GJ and patriarchy together 1 language

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the systemic crisis we are experiencing at the global level: a social, environmental, health, economic and care crisis, which various social movements have been denouncing for a long time. But, what do the feminist movement or women’s movements say about it in particular? Together, how are we responding to this…

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