Friends of the Earth Togo/ Les Amis de la Terre Togo (ADT-Togo) trains farmers and organises meetings between consumers and farmers. We also promote family farming; subsistence farming that uses local knowledge and traditional practices.

ADT-Togo trains farmers in 10 villages around the Atakora chain, nine communities of Canton Fiokpo and 8 villages near the national park Togodo South. This project supports women to undertake agroecological farming which promotes gender balance and supports advocacy on women’s right to land. As a result communities use sustainable farming practices which also protect the environment.

ADT-Togo also promotes sustainable management of land through research. A study covering 49 villages was conducted on the resources of the Atakora chain and the results used to train residents on sustainable management. This training included environmentally friendly agriculture and fishing practices and on the importance of the development of regional economies. It also involved advocacy and collaboration with agricultural organisations and the government to promote the generation of specific economic policies.