Stop the eviction: Solidarity with the peoples of Rempang Island, Indonesia

Rempang island Indonesia clashes with police

WALHI (Friends of the Earth Indonesia) denounces the violent repression of people who gathered in protest against the National Strategic Program to build an ‘Eco-City’ on Rempang Island without the consent of local residents. Friends of the Earth International expresses internationalist solidarity in the wake of the events. Violent clashes on Rempang Island On 7…

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Meet Asia’s zero-waste warriors fighting for a new global plastics treaty

Activistas de Indonesia que luchan por un nuevo tratado mundial sobre el plástico

A new global plastics treaty might become reality this week, when heads of State, Ministers of Environment and other representatives from 175 countries will meet in Paris for the second session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to develop an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution. The negotiations will address the entire lifecycle of plastic,…

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Ambitious work to transform food systems and agriculture in the US

Stop financing factory farming campaign

Friends of the Earth United States is working to transform agriculture in the US and their food systems— from toxic and chemical intensive to healthy and ecologically regenerative; from corporate controlled to democratically governed; and from a system that embodies the deepest inequities in society to one that advances justice and fulfills the needs of…

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Meet the people of Pari Island standing up for climate justice

People of Pari Island man on hammock in Pari island after floods

The latest IPCC climate science report has confirmed that human-made climate change is worsening, and the impacts of increasingly extreme weather are felt more keenly by vulnerable regions, mainly in the Global South.  The people of Pari Island, in Indonesia, are already experiencing the catastrophic consequences of climate change: in 2021, massive floods damaged their…

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Defend collective rights to protect forests and biodiversity

Collective rights - peasants

What are collective rights? Why are they integral to protecting biodiversity and forest and how can we make them a reality?  Collective rights are human rights that protect communities and the environment Collective rights emerged because individual human rights do not adequately protect peoples living collectively, especially Indigenous peoples, local communities and other minorities.  Collective…

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Press release: Pari Island climate case against Holcim

Drone photo of Pari island Indonesia whose residents filed a climate litigation against Holcim

Swiss Church Aid HEKS/EPER, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and Friends of the Earth Indonesia (WALHI) are supporting the climate litigation Pari Island against Holcim initiated by the people on the island of Pari with the campaign Call for Climate Justice. Press release and invitation to press briefing, 1 February 2023.…

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