Copenhagen, December 11th – The “climate capsule” project of Friends of the Earth International has collected hundreds of messages, in all languages and all forms, from communities and people around the world who are affected by climate change. These demands for climate justice are being presented at the Klimaforum, Copenhagen, between 10th and 18th December 2009.

This artistic approach to climate justice acknowledges the historical trends of climate change, and the environmental and social impacts caused to the most impoverished communities around the world. Human induced climate change is now perilously close to catastrophe for the majority of the world’s peoples and fragile ecosystems. It is a direct result of unsustainable and inequitable overconsumption of fossil fuels, essential for the current, neoliberal system, and exploitation of carbon resources such as forests; which are at the heart of the dominant economic development agenda.

Friends of the Earth International believes that only a radical global change of this economic and development paradigm will prevent the worst consequences of climate change, which threatens the lives of the world’s most impoverished peoples. We call for Climate Justice – to recognise and deal with the historical responsibility for human induced climate change– through massive emissions reductions in the Global North, reparation of the climate debt, and equitable sharing of the earth’s resources in recognitions of all peoples’ right to a dignified life within ecological limits.

Meet the voices from the victims of climate change around the world and join the flood demanding climate justice now!



Purple Hall


Tietgensgade 65

1704 Copenhagen