Amsterdam, December 17, 2002 – Further evidence that climate change is already happening was revealed today when the World Meterological Organisation announced that 2002 has been the second hottest year on record.

Kate Hampton, Climate Change Campaigner at Friends of the Earth International said:

“Today’s figures are further evidence that burning fossil fuels is causing massive changes to the atmosphere and affecting our climate. If we do not take cut emissions fast, increasingly frequent and severe storms, droughts and floods are likely to threaten the lives and livelihoods of millions of people throughout the globe.

All governments must re-double their efforts to cut emissions and persuade the Bush administration to accept the Kyoto Protocol. Subsidies for fossil fuels must be abolished and oil companies must be forced to pay the price of their disregard for the environment. ”

Kate Hampton, Co-ordinator, Climate Change Campaign, Friends of the Earth International
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