LONDON (UK), October 30, 2006 — A tough package of measures to reduce climate change-causing emissions, including legally-binding annual targets, must follow today’s publication of the Stern Report in the UK [1], Friends of the Earth International urged today.

Monday October 30, 2006
Friends of the Earth International

The ‘Stern Review on the economics of climate change’, which looks at the economic costs of climate change, shows that governments can afford to act – and must do so urgently – to avoid disastrous economic costs. The report says that measures to tackle climate change will have economic benefits and that an investment of just one per cent in the global economy will avoid costs of 10 per cent.
Friends of the Earth International Climate Campaigner Catherine Pearce said:
“The Stern Review highlights the need for urgent action at an international level. As we approach the climate talks in Nairobi, it is essential that ministers pay heed to the warning and negotiate for tough cuts in carbon dioxide emissions after 2012. There is no excuse for delay. We know that immediate efforts are required to cut emissions in the developed world. The green technology to take us to a low carbon future is available – what it requires is the investment.”
Friends of the Earth International vice-chair Tony Juniper said:
“This report turns the conventional attitude to the economics of climate change on its head. For too many years industry lobbyists have claimed that action on climate change was not affordable, but this proves this is not the case. The Stern report will provide valuable ammunition at the international climate talks in Nairobi next week – and should help persuade more reluctant countries to act. The Kyoto Protocol must be strengthened and new ways found of bringing other countries on board.”
The report highlights the costs of inaction and warned of the global impacts, with the threat that millions of people will be displaced as a result of increased drought and rising sea levels. Access to water will become a major issue and millions of species could die out. But Sir Nicholas Stern said that the cost of tackling the problem was affordable and that polluters had to be made to pay.
Friends of the Earth International said that green taxation has to be part of a wide package needed to tackle rising emissions, with money raised used to help make alternatives to flying and motoring cheaper and more attractive.
Tony Juniper continued:
“If the world is to avert global economic, social and environmental catastrophe, then a broad package of measures is needed at a national and international level. The technology exists to take us forward to a clean green low carbon future but emissions across the European Union as a whole are still rising. Governments need to recognise the urgent need to embrace such change and adopt climate friendly policies at every level.”

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[1] For more information on the Stern report see