Friends of the Earth International today welcomed reports that Russia is close to ratifying the international treaty tackling climate change, the Kyoto Protocol.

Media Advisory
Friends of the Earth International
30 September 2004
Industrialised nations responsible for 55 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions must ratify the climate change treaty before it can come into effect. When Russia ratifies the treaty, the key threshold is met and -after 90 days- the treaty comes into force.

The Russian government approved the treaty today Sept. 30, and now only the Kremlin-dominated Parliament needs to approve it.

Friends of the Earth International’s climate campaign coordinator Catherine Pearce said:
“Russian ratification of the climate change treaty is a significant step forward in the fight against global warming. It also turns up the heat on President Bush and other world leaders who have refused to join the only international treaty that could help avoid a global catastrophe.
Time is running out. We need more international action now to reduce the gas emissions responsible for global warming.”

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