100 ft Wall of Climate Messages Unveiled Outside Conference

Friends of the Earth International
Press Release

When: 1.15pm, Wednesday 30th November 2005
Where: Square Riopelle, rue St Pierre, opposite Palais des Congrès
What: A 160ft mosaic display, made up of tiles handpainted by people from around the world will spell out a message to delegates at the UN Climate Change Conference in Montréal.
A 160ft (50m) – long mosaic will be unveiled outside the UN Climate Conference at 1.15pm today (Wednesday 30th November), spelling out a key message to delegates inside the conference centre.
The mosaic, made up of more than 3,000 tiles with messages about climate change painted by people around the world, will urge delegations to take international action to tackle climate change as delegates make the first crucial decision of the conference.
Today’s message will demand that negotiators formally accept the legally-binding rules which enforce the Kyoto Protocol (known as the Marrakesh Accords).
Friends of the Earth International Climate Campaigner Catherine Pearce said:“People around the world have sent these messages to negotiators here in Montréal to urge them to take action to tackle climate change. Today is a historic day when countries formally adopt the binding legal treaty to fight climate change. From here we must see further momentum and agreement on what comes next.”
Friends of the Earth Canada Chief Executive Beatrice Olivastri said: “For two weeks in Montreal, there is a unique window of opportunity for Canadian leadership. A peaceful and mutually respectful approach to building global security is a hallmark of Canada’s diplomacy. Everyone– whether a victim of climate chaos or a business leader – needs clear signals on climate action to ensure global security. Friends of the Earth urges Canada as host to this conferdnce to work vigorously to ensure today’s decision makes the Kyoto Protocol enforceable.”

Catherine Pearce, FOEI Climate Campaigner, Canadian mobile + 1 347 992 2505
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