July 18 , 2001 – FOE has counted almost 400 business and industry lobbyists present in Bonn (there may be others of which we are not aware).

The top sectors are:

– Fossil Energy industries – 84 reps including 28 from oil companies
– Management Consultants and businesses promoting emissions trading – 72 reps
– Automotive industry – 22 reps Nuclear industry – 21 reps
– Aluminium (very energy intensive industry) -20 reps
– Insurance and investment – 20 reps
– Renewable energy and CHP – 18 reps
– Forests and paper industries – 18 reps

The energy and oil industry lobby is changing its name if not its spots. There are only 5 people in the Global Climate Coalition delegation, but oil company lobbyists in, for example, the Business Roundtable, International Emissions Trading Association, the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (!) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The International Chamber of Commerce delegation also includes many energy and nuclear lobbyists.

The growth of interest in emissions trading (a key loophole in the Climate treaty) is demonstrated by the fact that management consultants now have far more reps than any other sector apart from energy. Of course, these lobbyists have some interest in the delivery of a ratified protocol, unlike the fossil fuel lobbyists.

Key companies represented in Bonn which have lobbied against Kyoto include:
Exxon                       1 rep
Texaco                     5 reps
Chevron                   3 reps
BNFL                       2 reps
General Motors     2 reps
TotalFinaElf           1 rep
Statoil                     1 rep

Others include: Toyota (5), BP (7), Siemens (2), and COGEMA, Daimler Chrysler, Ford, Powergen, Gaz de France, BG, Boeing, Mitsubishi, Yamaha, VW and Audi.

Duncan McLaren of Friends of the Earth comments: “The corporate lobbyists have hit Bonn in force. Of course, some represent industries and sectors with a real interest in and commitment to fighting climate change. But most are the same old fossils from the fossil fuel lobby, here in the hope of performing the death rites of the Kyoto Protocol.

These lobbyists make a fat living by denying the reality of climate change. My question to them would be: do your mothers know what you do for a living? The millions of people all over the world whose jobs, homes and lives are threatened by climate change will be demanding that Governments give the lobbyists out to wreck Kyoto the hostile reception they deserve.”

Duncan McLaren 00 44 7941 920 469
Ian Willmore 0174 1260 4808 or 00 44 7887 641 344
Howard Mollett 00 41 792 160 206