Programme of events at the January 26-31, 2005 World Social Forum

Media Advisory
Friends of the Earth International

Porto Alegre, Brazil — Friends of the Earth International is present at the 5th World Social Forum with a tent where the events below will take place. The tent is in the thematic axis 1 “Assuring and defending Earth and people’s common goods – As alternative to commodification and transnational control” located at SECTION E.
All events can be listened to live on radio (stream). Every day awards will be presented to communities, and videos will be shown. Contact Janneke Bruil +55-51- 91718107
January 27 : The defense of water around the world: reclaiming public water. For more information contact: Karin Nanssen + 55-51- 91718505
January 28 : Biodiversity and International Financial Institutions:‘nature for sale’ For more information contact: Simone Lovera + 55-51-91640401
January 29 : Forest and Plantations: An essential social issue. For more information contact: Javier Bartodano +55-51-91640723
January 30 : Trans National Corporations. For more information contact Farah Sofa +55-51-91718824
On the opening day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, the first “Public Eye Awards“ for irresponsible corporate behaviour were presented to a handful of multinational corporations by the Berne Declaration and Pro Natura – Friends of the Earth Switzerland on 26 January.

FOR MORE INFROMATION CONTACT Friends of the Earth International
Sonja Ribi, Pro Natura – Friends of the Earth Switzerland +41 (0)61 317 92 42; +41 (0)79 216 02 06
Radio Mundo Real – Damian Osta +55-51-91620882


Brazilian phone numbers in this advisory are in use only Jan. 27-31
Events are co-organized by Friends of the Earth International (FoEI), Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), Blue Planet Project/Council of Canadians (CoC), World Rainforest Movement (WRM)