June 2013 – Tumpak Winmark Hutabarat, media officer with Friends of the Earth Indonesia, tells us about the organisation and his role there. WALHI is an independent non-profit and the largest environmental organisation in Indonesia. We are present in 28 provinces with a total of 479 member organisations who actively campaign at the local, national and international levels. At the international level, WALHI campaigns through Friends of the Earth International.

We oppose the current model of economic globalization and corporatization. We promote solutions that help to create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies. We get enormous strength and knowledge from our work with communities that have been marginalized and victimized.

Tumpak Winmark hutabarat is WALHI’s new media and publishing officer. He has been working there since January 1, 2012. He works to promote WALHI’s work through a variety of media and publications for the public and coordinates outreach through journals, e-newsletters and bulletins.

He also helps to organise monthly discussions about WALHI and the environmental themes it works on to help further WALHI’s knowledge and communication networking with various institutions.

Tumpak believes that the power of civil society and organisations like WALHI can help to realise ecologically just changes.

Image: Administrators of WALHI’s national member groups, representing 28 Indonesian provinces. Credit: WALHI/ FoE Indonesia