June 14, 2001 – The European Union and the United States have “agreed to disagree” on how best to tackle dangerous climate change.

Reacting to the joint EU/US press conference in Gothenburg today, Kate Hampton, Friends of the Earth International’s Climate Change Co-ordinator said:

“President Bush’s decision to ignore scientific warnings and world opinion on global climate change is a total disgrace. It means business as usual for the planet’s biggest polluter. The rest of the world will pay the price for the United States’ selfish actions. And the millions of people around the globe who will suffer the consequences of an increasingly unstable climate will have good cause to curse the President. If the US is not prepared to join the global fight against climate change it should keep away from next month’s international talks on climate in Germany.

“We welcome the EU’s commitment to ratify the Kyoto protocol, the only international treaty to cut the emissions causing dangerous climate change. European governments must work with Japan, Russia and other allies to ensure its is ratified as soon as possible.”

Earlier this afternoon, Friends of the Earth International held a photocall dressed as ‘Bushs on leads’ to protest at the influence the Exxon-Mobil corporation has on U.S. climate policy. Friends of the Earth International is supporting the StopEsso.com boycott of Esso petrol. Pictures of FOEI’s action are available through Associated Press.

Kate Hampton is in Gothenburg during President Bush’s visit.

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Published by Friends of the Earth Trust