La solidarité internationaliste et l’appel pour un Traité Contraignant

Faites connaissance avec les communautés de Porto Alegre, au Brésil, qui luttent contre la perte de leurs maisons par la société transnationale allemande Fraport. Les luttes communautaires dans le monde entier ont des similitudes évidentes. Les peuples luttent pour défendre leurs territoires, moyens de subsistance, foyers, santé et environnement. La solidarité internationaliste nous donne la force de résister à l’injustice. Il est temps d’adopter des règles juridiquement contraignantes qui obligent les sociétés transnationales à rendre des comptes et à protéger les droits de l’homme. Nous demandons un traité contraignant, maintenant!

Des communautés luttent contre le pouvoir des transnationales agro-industrielles à El Salvador

À El Salvador, des transnationales agro-industrielles comme Monsanto et Bayer ont de très forts impacts sur les communautés rurales ; entre autres choses, elles déversent des déchets toxiques qui portent atteinte à la santé de la population. Il nous faut des réglementations contraignantes pour pouvoir rendre les transnationales responsables et pour combattre les effets dévastateurs de l’agro-industrie à l’échelon mondial. Exigez de votre gouvernement qu’il soutienne le traité contraignant de l’ONU sur les sociétés transnationales et les droits de l’homme.

France adopts law to hold TNCs accountable for damage they cause

In 2017 after 4 years of mobilizing and campaigning France passed a historical law to hold French corporations to account for the damage they cause anywhere in the world. Friends of the Earth International and France are now taking this fight to the UN to create a new international law to stop corporate impunity. Join us in put an end to human rights abuses by transnational corporations.

Forest fires are choking Indonesia

Fires started by companies to clear land for palm oil and paper plantations. 60 million people were exposed to smoke in 2015 alone. 439 companies are involved, funded by international banks. But people are fighting back. Together we can save the forests and peatlands.

Uruguay´s victory over dangerous trade deal

An inspiring example from Uruguay of what mass mobilisation against dangerous trade deals (such as TiSA) can achieve. In 2015 the Uruguayan President decided to withdraw from the negotiations. Join the movement against harmful free trade deals!

Corporations sue the Colombian state

Secret tribunals, companies suing for lost future profits, settlement costs exceeding relief funds; this is the reality of ISDS (investor-state dispute settlement) mechanisms. Stand with us against the dangerous trade and investment regime that favours corporations over people and planet!

Toxic Humidifiers in South Korea

For 10 years a British based multinational company sold a hazardous humidifier sterilizer in South Korea, which led to over 900 deaths and a further 4,000 reported medical cases. Europe’s consumer product standard doesn’t apply in Korea. Watch the story unfold and join victims and Friends of the Earth South Korea/KFEM in demanding justice.

The Co-operative way forward

Ever wished for an ethical food supplier? Find out how The Friends of the Earth Australia Food Co-op is just that, organic food produced as locally as possible and packaging-free, community hub bringing people together. Be inspired!