Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) joins its member organisation in Palestine and the Palestinian people to call on the Israeli government to immediately halt the attack on Gaza and the massacre of innocent people. As we write, over 390 Palestinians have been killed and close to 2000 have been wounded, including children and numerous civilians.

The attacks and destruction, which began on 27 December 2008 are an unacceptable humanitarian catastrophe.

These attacks have been indiscriminate and grossly disproportionate.

Palestinian houses, universities, medical stores and mosques have been destroyed.

The attacks have equally destroyed electricity and water supplies and have crippled other essential services already brought to there knees during the last two years, during which Palestinians in Gaza have been living under siege with food and fuel supplies being blocked and the healthcare system starved of basic medicine and equipment.

Friends of the Earth International denounces in strong terms all violent action and calls for an immediate ceasefire. We also demand the dismantling of the apartheid walls built across Palestinian territories as these have created major social, environmental and human rights abuses – making life extremely hazardous for the Palestinians and others.

We call for an immediate halt to this Israeli aggression against civilians in Gaza and an end to all violence against civilians on both sides. We also call for access to medical and food supplies in Gaza.

The ongoing destruction is a deep scar on the conscience of the world and cannot be allowed to continue.

We ask peoples across the world to unite in action for solidarity and peace, and call on all governments to bring pressure to bear for a just and lasting peace.

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Nnimmo Bassey, FoEI Chair and director of Friends of the Earth Nigeria:
Nigerian mobile number: +234 803 727 43 95 or email