What you need to know about NAMA

Why the WTO’s non-agricultural market access negotiations (NAMA) threaten both environment and development.

17 Oct, 2004
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Hands off! – Why international financial institutions must stop drilling, piping and mining

As 2003 drew to a close, the streets of Bolivia were crowded with people full of outrage and despair. They…

11 Dec, 2003
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Gambling with People’s Lives

What is the World Bank’s track record in earlier high-risk projects? Has the World Bank learned from past mistakes? Does…

15 Sep, 2003
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The world trade system

This briefing examines the theories, impacts and institutions of world trade and assesses the influence of transnational corporations.

15 Sep, 2003
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Business rules: who pays the price?

Through a series of case studies, this publication highlights the powerful influence of corporations on the World Trade Organization (WTO)…

25 Aug, 2003
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Credit Where It’s Due: The Ecological Debt Education Project

Friends of the Earth Scotland and others, 2003: The cumulative responsibility of industrialised countries for the destruction caused by their…

25 Aug, 2003
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