If it’s not feminist, it’s not just.

Women’s voices, analysis and action towards a just energy transition. In the last decade, the Just Transition rhetoric has become…

08 Nov, 2021
If its not feminist its not just FoEI cover

Transnational corporations and peoples’ rights in Latin America and the Caribbean: Violations of peoples’ sovereignty

Mapping the presence and impacts of transnational corporations in Latin America and the Caribbean, by Friends of the Earth Latin…

21 Apr, 2021
ATALC transnational corporations peoples rights latin america and the caribbean ENG cover page

COVAX: A global multistakeholder group that poses political and health risks to developing countries and multilateralism

Covid-19 has given rise to many challenges, one of which is a global vaccine distribution solution.  From a human rights…

07 Apr, 2021
COVAX Friends of the Earth International TNI cover page

COVID-19 and the crisis of capital: the sustainability of life and peoples’ sovereignty are the solution.

“Feminist Economics and Environmentalism for a Just Recovery: Outlooks from the South” is a publication by Friends of the Earth International,…

12 Nov, 2020
FoEI WMW REMTE feminist economics and environmentalism Eng cover page

What is the Belt and Road Initiative?

“The world’s biggest infrastructure and connectivity project”, “building a community of common destiny”, “environmentally destructive”, or just a “public relations…

22 Oct, 2020
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Burning Amazonia: A Global Corporate Crime

Transnational corporations have sought to expand their territorial control of the Amazon for decades. Year after year, they encroach deeper…

30 Sep, 2020
Burning Amazonia Friends of the Earth International EN cover page