The EU’s double agenda on globalisation: corporate’s rights vs people’s rights

The European Union and its Member States are some of the most important actors when it comes to shaping globalisation.…

07 Oct, 2018
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Rules for business, rights for people – Asia demands

Traditionally, international human rights law focuses on the role and responsibilities of states. Human rights abuses arising from the cross-border…

06 Oct, 2018
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RCEP: A secret deal

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is being negotiated by 16 countries in Asia. Negotiations include China, members of the…

18 Jul, 2018
RCEP report

Transforming our economy: Scaling up solutions

We live in a world facing many destructive and entwined crises – including growing inequality, climate change, poverty, pollution and…

31 Jan, 2018
Transforming our economy FRONT COVER

End of the road for transnational corporations?

The French law on the ‘duty of vigilance’ of parent and subcontracting companies was passed on the 23rd of March…

07 Oct, 2017
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Peoples rights confronting corporate power in Latin America

This publication includes cases of systemic and systematic violation of human rights, environmental rights and the rights of affected peoples…

07 Oct, 2017
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