False solutions, real profits: agribusiness tactics’ uncovered

The industrial agriculture and food system is a significant cause of climate change and loss of biodiversity, and is responsible…

30 Mar, 2024
Agribusiness False solutions report March 2024

Factsheets: ‘nature based solutions’ and soil carbon farming

‘Nature based solutions’ (NBS) and soil carbon farming are increasingly popular concepts in climate and biodiversity protection, touted as key…

24 Jul, 2023
NBS factsheet1 cover

Double Jeopardy report: how nature based solutions threaten food sovereignty and agroecology

This report takes a critical look at the impacts on food sovereignty and land from proposals that make up the…

03 Nov, 2022
double jeopardy report cover

Replanting Agricultural Biodiversity in the CBD

Agricultural biodiversity’s role in the convention on biological diversity  Biodiversity, by its very essence, is characterised by plenty. It is…

15 Mar, 2022
Replanting Agricultural biodiversity in the CBD

Dismantling patriarchy while building food sovereignty – position paper

A Friends of the Earth International position paper on building food sovereignty with a feminist perspective There are 1.6 billion…

07 Mar, 2022
Dismantling patriarchy while building food sovereignty English cover page

The Great Takeover: Mapping Multistakeholderism in Global Governance

This book, The Great Takeover: Mapping of Multistakeholderism in Global Governance, seeks to expose how corporate capture is achieving dominance…

17 Jan, 2022
The great takeover mapping of multistakeholderism in global governance 2021 cover
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