The tyranny of free trade: wasted natural wealth and lost livelihoods

This publication exposes the danger that current trade negotiations pose to people and their environments around the world. The privatization…

28 Dec, 2005
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How the u.s. government is planning to approve contamination of the world’s food supply with experimental gm crops

Briefing paper, November 2004: Over the past two decades, the United States government has done everything possible to promote its…

17 Nov, 2004
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Food and Farming: Time to Choose!

Current food and farming policies do not deliver healthy food. Our soils, air and water are polluted by intensive agriculture.…

15 Aug, 2004
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Genetically modified crops part 1: a decade of failure 1994-2004

The first decade of the commercialisation of genetically modified (GM) crops was a resounding failure for biotech companies. The first…

28 Feb, 2004
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Our environment, our rights

Friends of the Earth International values the recent advances in the international recognition of individual human rights and collective rights.…

08 Nov, 2003
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The impact of GM corn in Spain

Friends of the Earth Europe and Greenpeace, August 2003: This report aims to provide some independent data on the most…

06 Aug, 2003
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