Factsheets: The Global Biodiversity Framework and rights, regulations, agriculture and conservation

In December 2022, in Montreal (Canada), 196 States pledged to take urgent action to halt and reverse biodiversity loss, signing…

09 Apr, 2024
FB GBF Factsheets.pdf

False solutions, real profits: agribusiness tactics’ uncovered

The industrial agriculture and food system is a significant cause of climate change and loss of biodiversity, and is responsible…

30 Mar, 2024
Agribusiness False solutions report March 2024

Women and agrocommodities

Agrocommodities, or agricultural products produced at an industrial scale, are the result of a capitalist patriarchal economic model that relies…

15 Dec, 2023
Women and Agrocommodities Report Cover ENG

Community forest management and gender justice

Gender justice is necessary for community forest management (CFM). So how can we build, strengthen and defend gender justice to…

19 Oct, 2023
Community forest management cover

Gender Justice and Community Forest Management

This political framework draws on the links between community forest management and gender justice. It presents our understanding of how…

03 Mar, 2023
position paper thumbnail EN

Renewable energy and land use: barriers to just transition in the Global South – report 

There is an urgent need for a rapid and just transition away from the harmful fossil fuel-based energy system, to…

28 Feb, 2023
Renewable energy and land use just transition FOEI report
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