Too Green to be True

One of the leading suppliers of “green” palm oil to Europe is causing illegal encroachment upon Indonesian forest and peat…

19 Mar, 2010
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Losing the plot: Jatropha in India

As India’s economy has grown, its energy demand has increased rapidly and the Indian government has looked to alternative supplies,…

18 Jan, 2010
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Position paper: destructive logging

At Friends of the Earth International we believe that we must fight against destructive logging, which we conceive as the…

22 Sep, 2009
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European biofuel policies: failing governance – avoiding responsibilities

Friends of the Earth Netherlands and Friends of the Earth Indonesia, September 2009: European biofuel policies and oil palm plantation…

01 Sep, 2009
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Agrofuels cartoons

Friends of the Earth Brazil commissioned a collection of 15 cartoons taking a comic look at ‘sustainable agrofuels’. The cartoons…

23 Aug, 2009
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Women raise their voices against tree plantations

Friends of the Earth International, March 2009: The role of the European Union in disempowering women in the South.

11 Aug, 2009
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