Nature for Sale

Corporations, industries and international institutions have spent the last two decades pursuing market-based ‘solutions’ to the deepening biodiversity crisis. ‘Financialization…

05 Mar, 2020
Friends of the Earth Nature for Sale report EN cover page

How to achieve a successful Global Biodiversity Framework

2020 is a critical year for nature. From forests to oceans, fields to skies, science has shown that the interconnected ecosystems which…

23 Feb, 2020
Dos and Donts GBF cover

Can market-based approaches address critical biodiversity loss?

We are facing multiple interconnected crises. Biodiversity loss and deterioration and the extinction of species present us with further negative…

17 Dec, 2019
Market based approaches to critical biodiversity loss FOEI EN cover

Regulated Destruction

In the context of intensifying climate and biodiversity crises, international institutions and states have the power to regulate the private…

21 Nov, 2019
Cover regulated destruction EN

Free Territories declaration: a practice of autonomy

Communities, their organizations and Friends of the Earth International groups, use a variety of strategies in the defense of Nature…

23 Apr, 2018
Free Territories declaration cover

Community forest management

Community forest management is a proposal and solution that Friends of the Earth International has been promoting  for several years.…

19 Apr, 2018
Community forest management an Opportunity cover