REDD+ The carbon market and California-Acre-Chiapas cooperation

Legalizing mechanisms of dispossession Since the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, the supplementary treaty to the United Nations Framework Convention…

13 Jun, 2017
REDD The carbon market and the California Acre Chiapas cooperation 1

Why Community Forest Management matters : A Background Briefing

Community Forest Management (CFM) allows people and communities to benefit from forests and land without depleting natural resources or damaging…

26 Nov, 2015
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Financialisation of Nature: Creating a new definition of nature

Nature and communities all over the world are facing multiple crises. Capitalism is also experiencing grave problems. Nature and the…

02 Nov, 2015
Financialization of Nature Creating a new definition of nature cover page

Friends of the Earth International’s position paper on the financialization of nature

Friends of the Earth International opposes different forms of the commoditization and privatization of biodiversity. Today we are witnessing a…

27 Nov, 2014
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Traps and Dangers of REDD and other Forest Conservation Projects Precautionary guide for communities

For some years now, forests and fields have been full of lawyers and businessmen offering deals with communities to include…

27 Oct, 2014
Traps and dangers of REDD cover page

Financialization and biodiversity

Today we are witnessing a new wave of privatization through the implementation of financial mechanisms. The financialization of nature involves…

21 Oct, 2014
Financialization and biodiversity 2014 cover page
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