From policy to reality: ‘Sustainable’ tropical timber production, trade and procurement

The establishment of various policies on ‘sustainable’ and ‘legal’ timber production, importation and procurement around the world today has not…

10 Oct, 2013
Sustainable tropical timber production trade and procurement report cover page

Nature is not for sale

An overview of what happens when you treat nature as a commodity, who is responsible and why it needs to…

01 Jun, 2012
Nature is not for sale Friends of the Earth France cover page

In the REDD

This report was researched by campaigners in Friends of the Earth Australia who visited Indonesia to examine the Kalimantan Forests…

03 Dec, 2011
in the redd cover

For the land that feeds us

This publication has several aims, from highlighting the role that peasant women and men, indigenous people, and young people play…

12 Jul, 2011
for the land that feeds us cover page

40 years of struggles and successes

Forty years is a long time to struggle and struggles can sometimes seem endless when we are in the middle…

12 Jun, 2011
40 years of struggles and successes cover

Friends of the Earth International at 40

Forty years ago, a small, dedicated and determined group of environmental activists from France, Sweden, the UK and the US…

10 Jun, 2011
friends of the earth international at 40 cover
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