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You can download here all of Friends of the Earth International's Annual Reports and financial statements. See how we make change happen around the world, year after year.

Annual and financial reports 2023

In Friends of the Earth International’s 2023 annual and financial reports, we highlight some of our main achievements in the…

11 Jul, 2024
annrep23EN cover

Annual and financial reports 2022

At Friends of the Earth International, we wholeheartedly believe in People Power. In our 2022 annual and financial reports, we…

05 May, 2023
FOEI annual report 2022 EN

Annual and Financial reports 2021

“Friends of the Earth International celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021. The federation has been playing a crucial role bringing…

25 Jul, 2022
FOEI Annual Report 2021 ENGLISH cover

Annual and Financial reports 2020

“2020 was a year plagued by challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic which exacerbated the existing crises we…

05 Jul, 2021
Friends of the earth international Annual Report 2020 ENGLISH cover page

Annual and Financial reports 2019

“2019 posed enormous challenges to the grassroots environmental justice federation that is Friends of the Earth International and we responded…

30 Jun, 2020
Annual report EN cover page

Annual and Financial reports 2018

“We face not only risk of the collapse of ecological systems, but systemic, socio-ecological crises which are leading us towards…

07 May, 2019
FoEI annual report 2018

Annual and Financial reports 2017

“We will remember 2017 as a year of contrasts. Together with our allies, we achieved some critical political victories, building…

14 Feb, 2019
annual report2017 cover

Annual and Financial reports 2016

“2016 will be remembered as a year of tumultuous political change. The presidential victory of Macri in Argentina and the…

14 Feb, 2019
FoEI AnnualReport2016

Annual and financial reports 2015

Annual Report: We will remember 2015 as the year of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement—a success for international diplomacy perhaps, but…

02 Feb, 2017
annual report

Annual and Financial Reports 2014

Read Friends of the Earth International’s Annual Report for 2014 In 2014, we endeavoured to support and show our solidarity…

03 Jun, 2015
annualreport 2014

Annual and Financial Reports 2013

Read Friends of the Earth International’s 2013 Annual Report At Friends of the Earth International we argue that the world…

18 Jun, 2014
annualreport 2013

Annual and financial reports 2012

“…FoEI is very pleased to have developed a new programme in 2012 to protect and mobilise in support of environmental…

12 Jun, 2013
Annual report cover 2012

Annual and financial reports 2011

“..2011 culminated in what might be described as the nail in the coffin, at the UNFCCC’s 17th Conference of the…

10 May, 2012
Annual report 2011

Annual and financial reports 2010

2010 had many high points for our global federation. In addition to the inspiring campaign victories outlined in the following…

13 Jul, 2010
Annual report cover 2010

Annual and financial reports 2009

Who we are, what we do and why we do the things that we do: these are the questions we…

13 Jul, 2009
annual report cover 2009