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Friends of the Earth International is shocked to see the devastating impact on the people and environment due to the terrible attack in Ukraine by Russian troops. As a Federation fighting for justice and peace across the globe, we strongly condemn this attack.

We strongly support the right of all people to live in peace and harmony. Our solidarity goes out to all those who suffer from and oppose this unjust war. As the Russian Social Ecological Union / Friends of the Earth Russia has communicated, acts of war take human lives and have a huge negative impact on the environment. War is the worst thing that can happen to people and to nature.

Friends of the Earth International expresses deep sympathy with all the affected people and sincere condolences to families of victims. FoEI supports a peaceful and diplomatic long term solution. We appeal to the international community to uphold and defend the rights of the peoples to live in peace and freedom. We call for an immediate ceasefire and start to negotiations. We also urge other nations to avoid any intervention that could escalate military actions in Ukraine.